Your dog may not want a birthday celebration, but it's a sure bet that some owners want to throw the party. When I came across an article talking about people and their lavish pet parties, I had to roll my eyes. These are probably the same people who dress up their pets in sailing gear on the weekends and arrive with a pooch in their purse.

Moreover, I don't see something like this becoming a norm in Wichita Falls. There are restaurants in New York devoted to pet parties, with hand-crafted treats for pets and beer for the owners. I must admit that's kind of a cool idea, but chances are I won't be shelling out $500 for a party for my beloved pet. I'm just happy I can take my pet with me to the pet store.

One owner threw this for her pooch:

Lexi, a year-old black and white dachshund, celebrated her birthday in a Manhattan apartment with multi-colored balloons. She munched on dog-friendly cakes made of peanut butter, yogurt and carob, sipped Prosecco and nibbled on miniature cocktail hot dogs with her 15 canine guests.

"I've met so many people in the neighborhood, thanks to her," said actress Robin Brenner, who said she wanted to do something special to celebrate the occasion. "She's kind of brought us all together."

Now that's where I get it. You want to meet people in your neighborhood? It's actually a great idea! You have a common interest already - you own pets. Start from there and see where it goes. Fire up the grill!

For some, however, it's more than a means of social networking.

New York-based media buyer Jessica Winston, has held two birthday parties for her 3-year-old Bichon Frise, Ernie, including last year's Bark Mitzvah. "In dog years," she explained, "Ernie turned 13."

To me, that's going a bit overboard, but who am I to say what one should celebrate with their dog? Break out the doggie Snuggies and party hats!

The bottom line is, if you want to hang out with Fido at a bakery with all of his friends on a Saturday afternoon, I won't judge you. I may laugh and point, but I'll probably feel a bit jealous that my cat wouldn't be as appreciative of the celebration as your dog would be. At least it means he or she is loved, and that's what having a pet is really all about.

Oh, but if you break out the doggie Snuggie, I will laugh. A lot.

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