Ok... So what that I am biased towars the Pirates of the Caribbean films. I grew up on Disney and love Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley, and Geoffery Rush.  I also happen to be a 'Twihard'. So sue me.. But who can go wrong with the new cast in 'On Stranger Tides'??

Penélope Cruz is brilliant on the big screen and add Ian McShane to the mix and you know you have a summer hit! Plus the Mermaid's are all gorgeous women who are half naked in water and the plot is actually there for once!

Who cares that we are on movie #4.. There is going to be a #5. How do I know this.. Well I will give you two reasons.

1st- I went to see the movie, and Disney has made $907,423,683 on this one Pirate's movie alone.  So far, the film franchise has grossed $2.68 billion worldwide... or there about.

2nd - as anyone who loves a good['Pirates] movie should know by now, you have to wait through all of the credits to see what is going to happen next.

And I will leave it at that. Go and see the movie. Take your dad for Father's Day, take your kids, take the next door neighbor! Enjoy the fun and antics on screen and make sure that you stay around through all those boring credits. I promise.. You don't want to miss it!