We know that pizza goes well with beer, but did you ever think of making your pizza with alcohol? One restaurant in the Boston area is doing just that, offering up “21-Plus” pizza.

The chain is called Salvatore’s, and they came about by simple experimentation. Chances are that you’ve had food with alcohol in it before, but usually the alcohol bakes out or doesn’t have enough potency to actually do anything. These pies, however, are “made with enough alcohol to necessitate the regulation.”

After experimenting with dried cherries that had been re-hydrated in liquor, Victor Paone, the chain’s corporate chef, had this to say:

We realized that it was a great pizza, but the alcohol content was too high, so we came up with the idea of having a 21-plus pizza. You don’t get that blast of alcohol where it’s too much, but you can definitely taste (it).

And their first pie sounds like it would be really good.

The first of the bunch, the Vignola Cherry Pizza, is topped with fresh mozzarella, Gorgonzola, prosciutto, orange blossom honey and Italian cherries soaked in -- what else -- raspberry vodka.

Even though it does sound delicious, I think I’ll stick to pepperoni and beer during Sunday football. One doesn’t want to mix their alcohols.