Planking is probably one of the dumbest Internet fads ever.  I've never understood the humor behind it and I think its an extreme waste of time.  And I'm happy to report that if you plank on the wrong thing, the cops will get you.

19-year-old Alexander Hart was approached by police officers in his hometown of Manitowoc, WI after photos of himself and his brother Ryan planking were discovered on his facebook account.  You wouldn't think that planking would be a problem, but after planking at Wal Mart, Lowe's, on a police cruiser, and an ATM, Alexander and Ryan picked the wrong thing to plank on, a police memorial monument.  An officer commented on the situation saying it was the equivalent of planking on a tombstone in a cemetery.  Originally, Ryan claimed that some of the incriminating pictures were photo shopped, but later admitted to their authenticity.  The brothers were both charged with disorderly conduct, with Alexander's trial already concluded and Ryan's trial upcoming.  After seeing the Facebook pictures as well as a video the brothers uploaded to Youtube, Judge Steven Olsen found Alexander guilty and fined him $303. 

Within hours of Alexander's conviction, he was arrested on a marijuana delivery charge.  Instead of taking responsibility for his actions, Alexander has started a facebook page asking people to post names and pics of Manitowoc residents who have "snitched to the pigs" about local drug dealing.  Alexander also included the name and photo of the person he believes turned him in for his drug dealing. 

via The Smoking Gun

The incriminating video

A follow-up video from the brothers