There have been times in my life when I've lied to cover something up. We all have. When I was a kid, I remember finding a puppy and bringing it home. I knew my mom wouldn't let me keep it, so I hid it in my closet then went out to play. Naturally, my mom found the puppy. Naturally, I was shocked to hear about a puppy in my closet.

A Salt Lake City teen had his own cover-up this past week. After ripping his pants, the boy knew he'd probably be in trouble because they were new. Instead of fessing up to ripping them, he made up a tale about being grazed by a bullet.

Stranger things have happened, so the police were called in.

When they started questioning witnesses, nobody had heard a gun shot. Ten people admitted to hearing no such sounds. In the end, they found out the boy had simply been trying to cover his own butt.

I wonder what my son lies to me about. He's 16, so I would be surprised to hear that he doesn't have his secrets. I'm just wondering if he would ever think up something like this...

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