Anabela Weber is a perfectly healthy 4-month-old baby . . . no thanks to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who give new meaning to the word "Jerks".

In March, Anabela's mom Genevieve went into labor with her two weeks early in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba (--45 miles west of Winnipeg).

Genevieve had complications when she gave birth to Anabela's 3-year-old sister, and doctors warned her that she would need a C-section for the new baby.

So when Genevieve went into labor, her husband Daniel put her in their Honda Civic and sped toward the hospital at 105 miles per hour.  A Canadian Mountie pulled them over.

The couple assumed they'd get a police escort to the hospital.  Instead, the officer wrote them a $1,000 TICKET for speeding, lectured them on safe driving, and kept them on the side of the road for 15 minutes.

That would have been bad enough, but the officer (--who wasn't named) took it to another level when he RADIOED AHEAD and told other officers to be on the lookout for the Civic.

Sure enough, another cop pulled them over, gave them a SECOND ticket, and made them wait ANOTHER 15 minutes for an ambulance to come get them.

David appeared in court last week, and his license was suspended for five months.


(Winnipeg Free Press)