Apparently we missed a very heated election in New Mexico for the GOP. Well the guy that lost is not taking it so smoothly.

Former New Mexico Republican congressional candidate Gary Smith, 56, is under arrest for allegedly slashing former opponent and GOP nominee Janice Arnold-Jones's tires. In fact, Smith, clean-cut citizen by day, might be a serial tire slasher by night. Suspicious of the rash of flat tires in her neighborhood, Arnold-Jones rigged up cameras and captured this video, which she says shows Smith stabbing all eight of her tires.

Meanwhile, Smith's former campaign manager claims his tires have been punctured 54 times. Smith was spotted allegedly doing his dirty work while out on bail and could face charges of stalking, criminal trespassing and harassment when he appears in court Friday.

Haters gonna hate. Seriously how old are you? This is revenge that a kid in 6th grade does, not a grown man. Gary Smith grow up and just deal with losing the election.

Watch the Surveillance Footage below: