The man that brought you "Gangnam Style" all the way from South Korea is back, and this time it's with a new song. Psy has been a very busy man since "Gangnam Style" rose to international success, appearing on TV, being signed by Scooter Braun to Schoolboy Records (Yes, that is the same manager Justin Bieber has), and even stopping by the United Nations to talk with Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, so it's about time he released a followup song.

"Gentleman" was released April 12 and features the same upbeat tempo that made "Gangnam Style" such a hit. You can check out the video below, which at this time is nearing 93 million views on YouTube, and features Psy doing some not so gentleman like things, like pulling out people chairs and pushing every button on the elevator. Check out the video and let us know if you thing its better or worse than "Gangnam Style" or if you don't care at all in the comment section below.