You always knew your dog was a sexy beast. When you dressed him up in that Superman costume for Halloween last year he looked dashing, but nothing compares to what comes next. Apparently putting dogs in pantyhose is a thing now.

As you'll see in the video, pooches of all colors and sizes are getting in on the action. Some are wearing heels, some are in nylons with sneakers, and some are just lounging around without any additional footwear. It would seem that the fluffier the dog, the better the pantyhose are filled out, making for a better effect. In fact, if your dog selects a lighter hue, you may even notice a marbled effect when the fur peeks through.

Some have opposed the dogs in pantyhose movement, but we're betting those are the same people who dress their cats up like sailors on Sunday afternoons just for fun. They probably don't want these dogs stealing the limelight, which is exactly what they're doing.