We've known for a while that Charlie Sheen will no longer be part of the hit sitcom "Two and a Half Men", with Ashton Kutcher signed on to fill his place for the new season.  Now the question is, how will Sheen be written out of the series?

According to TMZ, the first episode of the new season will start on a dark note with Alan and Jake learning of Charlie's tragic death.  Sources close to the production say that Chuck Lorre is so put off with Sheen's attitude and antics over the past few months that he wants to make sure Sheen can never return to the series.  Filming for the season premiere doesn't begin until August, but early plans have producers leaning towards Charlie driving his car off a cliff, something that has happened to two of Sheen's cars on Mulholland Drive.

As for Ashton Kutcher (Really?!  HE was the best choice for this series?), early talk is that his character will be brought in as the new owner of Charlie's house.