Don't Know if I agree with this, but just listed the most embarassing jobs in the United States...   I'll provide a summary:

Actor: An incredibly small portion of this field actually works and earns money. The odds are laughable, and the self-love people need to even pursue acting is sad. When a person proclaims that they're an actor and others don't recognize their face, they are looked at like a child stating he's an astronaut.

Garbage man: As a child, riding on the back of a huge, smelly truck might have sounded like fun, but as adults it indicates a serious misstep in life. Often beginning in the very early morning, workers spend their days in clothes that smell like death and pick up the vomit-inducing waste of society.

Street performer: Why can't outgoing personalities just let people look at the ground and listen to their iPods? A world where we don't have to interact has been created for a reason. People don't want to see magic tricks or hear Sarah McLachlan covers accosting them while they're just trying to get to work. That's what YouTube is for while we're at work.

Carny: This job is a punch line in today's society. Only vagrants, ex-hookers, drug addicts, and ex-cons work in ramshackle traveling carnivals. It allows them to move around without the accusing stares they get when staying still for too long. When your job description reads "teeth optional," something seriously wrong has happened in life.

Meter maid: Each day the guppies of the police force drive around (often in miniature cars) and piss off car owners by ticketing minor offenses like parking too close to a fire hydrant or going 30 seconds over the meter. One of the most hated professions in the world, British meter maids have been issued cotton swabs to take DNA samples when people spit on them for later prosecution.

Walking billboard: When a business cannot afford a real billboard, they hire a person to hold a sign. If an inanimate object can do a job more effectively and for longer, the person's intellect really comes into question. These people are usually positioned on busy streets, forcing them to breathe constant car exhaust and dodge projectiles thrown by teenagers. Apocalypse freaks also work in this field pro bono by wearing sandwich boards with "The End is Near."

Telemarketer: This is the next most hated profession after meter maid. People get a little excited when the phone rings. Anyone could be calling. There are infinite possibilities: a new job offer, the woman you met Saturday night or maybe a long lost friend. Instead, it's a telemarketer trying to sell knives we don't want.

Fast food manager: This profession screams "arrested development." These people have obviously worked the same job since high school and now have a very low position of "power." They get to scream at teenagers who are in their first job and ex-cons who are in their first job out of prison. No matter how well-groomed these managers try to be, after an hour in the store they have a thin layer of grease covering their bodies.

Dish washer: Being at the low end of food service is truly the lowest end. This is the first job many teenagers or illegal immigrants get. People who cannot control their acne or do not understand English are just as effective as an American adult. Anyone fluent in English and over 18 should only take this job if Gisele is the busgirl.