When I was in junior high and high school, there would be a break-in about once every year or two to my school. The purpose of the break-ins was almost always to vandalize property, but schools today have a lot of equipment that may seem lucrative to criminals.

In Miami, 4 criminals broke into a school with more than just a computer in mind.

Edel Garcia, 21, Jonathan Alexander Swadener, 18, and 20-year-olds Steven Fabian Gonzalez and Omar Antonio Jiminez were caught early Monday morning after they tripped silent alarms at the school, police said.

What were they taking off with? A computer and an iPod headset to start with. In addition, they were carrying two trays of French toast.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy French toast and may head to the kitchen to make some after posting this. I can't help but wonder how good the school's French toast was that they felt the need to steal it, though. Perhaps the computer they found was located in a room near the cafeteria, but why take the time to take not one, but two boxes of this food? I guess it's a very tasty treat indeed.

The men, however, won't be having tasty treats in jail and they've been charged with burglary.

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