Asha Mandela has been growing her hair since her twenties, and now the real-life Rapunzel is getting attention for it. She claims the Guinness World Record for Longest Dreadlocks, measuring 55 feet in length!

Mandela carries her locks around in a basket of sorts that she straps to her back, but her hair weighs in at 39 pounds. All of that weight has caused health issues, with doctors telling her that her spine is curved and her neck has collapsed in spots. All of this may eventually lead to paralysis so she’s been advised to cut her hair, yet Mandela insists she won’t cut it.

She washes her hair once a week, and it takes about two days for it to completely dry out. Mandela also insists that her long hair hasn’t affected her love life and that men enjoy the long hair.

Would you grow your hair this long if it meant you could get a Guinness World Record?