Rebecca Black is back, this time with the official video for her single “Saturday.” She’s teamed up with Dave Days to create a party-themed song and video, which is somewhat better than the previous videos we’ve seen come from her camp.

The video starts with the 16-year-old Black singing about a Friday night that got too out of control, with her memory fuzzy about what happened overnight. She then goes to the beach to hang out with her friends before crashing a house party.

It’s just what you’d expect – underage minors drinking who-knows-what from their red Solo cups while dancing, riding dinosaurs, kissing blow-up dolls, and playing cards.

Black even makes the video educational with lyrics like “Yesterday was Friday… Today is Saturday.” For those who were hazy about the order of days in the week, this clip will help to set you straight!

Admittedly Black is getting better at her craft, though the video still has a Mom-and-Dad-bought-me-this vibe. If I had to choose between “Saturday” and Alison Gold’s “Chinese Food,” Black’s tune wins. Hands down.

Check out the full video below and let us know – is she getting better at this?