We all remember Rebecca Black from her 'lyrical masterpiece' - "Friday",  which was released first on YouTube making her an internet star.  The aspiring singer has just released the first single, "Person of Interest" to be included on her debut album due out sometime this month.

a PopCrush review of the song says,

While this track certainly once had the potential to be a dance smash, it seems those dreams died at the drawing board. Rather than hype up club goers, ‘Person of Interest (POI)’ kills the mood and rocks us to sleep with gentle bass and sweet, pre-pubescent melodies.

But you be the judge. Listen to Rebecca Blacks "Person of Interest" below and let us know what you think.  Does Rebecca redeem herself from her less than stellar arrival on the music scene, or does she fall flat again?

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    Rebecca Black - "Person of Interest"