I love watching The Office. Of the many characters that I adore on the show, Dwight Schrute is always interesting and appropriately annoying. On his desk he has a bobblehead of himself and I've wondered in passing how I, too, can have a bobblehead of myself. After all, it would be appropriately interesting and annoying.

During wedding planning, many couples like to have items with their likeness or name attached, such as the napkins used during the reception. Apparently if you're a royal, the PEZ company can do much, much, better.

In light of the wedding taking place at the end of next month between Prince William and Kate Middleton, PEZ has created two new dispensers, each in the likeness of the pair. They're not something that can be purchased by anyone, however. They will be auctioned off on eBay from April 7th-17th, with proceeds going to a charity that the royal couple supports.

I think this is hilarious.

While most PEZ dispensers have candy coming out of the mouth, these will be different in that the entire head falls back. Mmmm... yummy.

The company has also added a special touch to William's dispenser:

"The figure of Prince William has a lot more hair than in real life," the spokeswoman said.

I bet those dispensers auction off for a very nice price.

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