Ryan Lochte's new reality show "What Would Ryan Lochte Do?" premiered last night but I didn't watch it. I couldn't even force myself to record it after I saw an interview Lochte did on Friday with Good Day Philly to promote the show. While interviewing him the anchors asked what is something a person could say to get his attention and believe it or not he couldn't think of an answer. And after that the questions only get easier and the answers only get dumber. After Lochte hangs up the anchors can't help but to crack up. Check out the interview below.

You think  this guy would be able to carry on an interview without making himself look even less intelligent than before. It's kinda sad that out of all the other Olympic athletes you could use for a reality show that they pick the biggest loser available. I'm not recommending you watch this show because I fear that watching it might cause your IQ to plummet, but if you are interested the show, it airs on E!, Sunday nights at 9.