Okay people, we have a serious issue here. Apparently over in Britain, they are planning a badger cull. Don't know what a cull is? Let me say it in American. They are planning to exterminate badgers in an attempt to slow done bovine TB.  There is a group out there that goes by the name Team Badger that are fighting to stop the government from starting the cull. They claim that if the cull is started, 70% of all badgers, most of them healthy, will be wiped out.

Now I like badgers as much as the next person and you may think that this is posted to raise your awareness of whats going on in the badger world, but your wrong. The group has made a pretty bad ass video which you can check out below. Plus, saying cull a whole lot makes me feel like aliens or something weird is going on. And if your really interested in doing your part to save the badgers of the UK you can check out Team Badger HERE.