Now I was not aware in New Jersey they actually cared about a dress code, but this school will institute a zero tolerance policy on the day of the dance.

Some parents are very upset about this rule mainly for the fact that dresses were already purchased. I know that many of the prom dresses have a no return policy. “I’m objecting to the fact that government can come in and change the rules without asking parents. That’s an abuse of authority,” parent Charlotte Nijenhuis told the Courier News Monday about the ban, instituted by principal Sharon Moffat at Readington Middle School and backed by superintendent Barbara Sargent.

The principal went on to say that strapless dresses would distract boys at the dance. A parent had this to day about that.“Ms. Moffat’s comment about ‘distraction’ to the boys is particularly offensive because it suggests that boys are not able to control — or ought not to be required to control — their behavior when in the presence of girls wearing strapless dresses. It is neither a woman’s nor a girl’s responsibility to control a man’s or boy’s behavior.”

Now I do not think banning strapless dresses is going to prevent boy's from acting like teenage boys. They should be able to control themselves no matter what. Tell me what you think in the comment section below.