Depending on who you ask, dogs are loyal simpletons, while cats are sneaky and independent  - and now science has confirmed it.

One study found that dogs have learned to follow human cues so well, they're easily influenced by what their human owners want - even if it's not to their benefit. So, dogs are more likely to go in the direction that a person is looking, even if it means taking a smaller dish of food than if they'd gone off on their own in the other direction.

Cats, not so much.  They've learned to read human cues as well, but they use it to manipulate people into doing what they want.    For example, a study found that cats have developed a special purr, designed to be extremely annoying to humans.  And people will do just about anything to make it stop, including feeding them more or giving them attention.

Bottom line, and I've said this before many, many times -  DOGS are GOOD. CATS are EVIL!!