Seatbelt T-Shirt

I don't think wearing a seat belt is that big of a deal. After 10 minutes of driving I don't even notice it, but to some people it is a big hassle. Well a t-shirt company wants you to help cheat the system. There's a trend in China where people buy t-shirts that have a black diagonal stripe across the front.  That way it looks like they're wearing a seat belt to a cop and keeps them from getting tickets. Well a company is now taking that idea and trying to sell them in America.

I think it would just be cheaper, not to mention safer, to just wear your seat belt.If you want to try to fool the cops the shirts are available for sale on eBay. Don't get me wrong it does look convincing, but would you not rather survive the car wreck than try to beat a ticket?

On average it is between 80-90 dollars for a seat belt ticket while the shirt is only 25 dollars with free shipping. I wish I was a cop pulling someone over with this shirt because I think it would make them laugh. You could also probably get out of the ticket for making the cop laugh so it could work.

Always remember though, it's better to just wear your seat belt .