Daniel von Bargen, known for his work as Mr. Kruger in 'Seinfeld' and Cheif Grady in 'Super Troopers', survived a suicide attempt where he shot himself in the head. 

According to TMZ, von Bargen called 911 Monday morning after his failed suicide attempt, explaining to the 911 operator that he shot himself in the temple.  When asked if it was an accident, von Bargen explained that he is diabetic and didn't want to go to the hospital where doctors had planned to amputate a few of his toes.

Police arrived minutes later and can be heard on the 911 tape yelling at von Bargen to keep his hands where they could see them.  Von Bargen was transported to a near by hospital and is still in critical condition.  You can hear the 911 tape on TMZ, but be warned that von Bargen goes into graphic detail about his injury.