Laws are in place for a reason. So what happened in these states for these to actually pass as a law.

I am doing this for you guys. Maybe you are on vacation in one of these states one day. Here are the seven laws:

#1.)  If you're convicted of a DUI in New Jersey, you're permanently banned from getting a personalized vanity license plate.

#2.)  It's illegal to ride a camel on the highway in Nevada.

#3.)  It's illegal to drive barefoot in Alabama.

#4.)  It's illegal to drive with a gorilla in your backseat in Massachusetts.

#5.)  If you tie an elephant to a parking meter in Florida, you have to pay the meter just like you would for a car.

#6.)  It's illegal to wipe your car with used underwear in San Francisco.

#7.)  It's illegal to drive naked in Sag Harbor, New York.

I was really looking forward to riding my Elephant in Florida next year just to avoid all those parking meters.