We’ve been hearing a lot in the news the past few years about how the world will end on December 21, 2012. Movies have been made, books have been written, and jokes have flown regarding the demise of all of civilization. Now there’s a scholar in Australia who says he’s decoded the Mayan calendar, and he says the world won’t end like some have predicted.

Wow. That’s amazing. But, um… haven’t the Mayans been saying that people have been misinterpreting that date all along?

Oh, but a dude in Australia made a statement, so I guess I’ll listen to him, rather than THE PEOPLE WHO ARE IN THE KNOW.

Sven Gronemeyer says that 12-21-12 is indeed a date that is important to the Mayan people, but it doesn’t necessarily spell disaster.

"The date acquired a symbolic value because it is seen as a reflection of the day of creation,” Gronemeyer said[while] at an archaeological site in Palenque, Mexico. "It is the passage of a god and not necessarily a great leap for humanity." His research shows that 21/12/2012 heralds the arrival of the Mayan god of creation and war, Bolon Yokte, 5,125 years after Mayan Long Count calendar began back in 3113 B.C.

Well, I have to say that foils my plans to spend all my money next November and wreak havoc around town.

Yet for those who have fallen into the belief that someone can actually predict the end of the world, this will hopefully come as a relief. I’ll probably still joke about the world ending then, anyway.

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