It’s not just Wendy Davis who has been getting attention since she effectively stopped an abortion bill that would shut down most abortion clinics in the state and ban abortions in Texas. The senator took the spotlight this past week by performing an 11-hour filibuster, and the shoes she wore during that time are also getting some attention on Amazon, with pretty wild reviews.

During her filibuster, Mrs. Davis wore the Minuzo Women’s Wave Rider 16 in hot pink. You can’t expect a girl to stand for that long in heels, can you? Since Wednesday, there have been a number of reviews that have cropped up on Amazon, both in support of her act and against it.

But not everyone is showing support for this shoe:

Mizuno has refused to comment on Wendy Davis' use of the shoe except to make a statement saying:

Mizuno is a sporting goods company with a deep passion for running. We do appreciate Ms. Davis’ choice in athletic footwear; however, do not maintain a corporate position related to the topic in discussion.

What do you think about the shoes? Should they be getting as much attention as they are?