Please direct your attention to the photo of a restaurant credit card receipt to the left --- Okay, now that you have thoroughly examined the situation here let's talk about it.

As someone that worked as a bartender/server at a local restaurant all through college, this really gets under my skin. Why this person made the conscious decision to go out to eat and spend $138 on a meal, and then think that its perfectly acceptable to write a ridiculous note instead of leave a tip is way beyond me. I can understand not leaving a tip if your service is bad - personally i always tip even if the service is sub-par - but this is not the case here. Clearly the service was great, according to her note at the bottom of the receipt. This woman's behavior is flat out insulting, disrespectful and completely unacceptable. She needs to take that $138 to the grocery store.

For those that don't agree with the way the restaurant industry pays their employees and don't tip because of it - you should stay home and eat too. It is what it is and if you go out then you follow the tipping standards - 15% for par service, 20% (or more) for great service.

Bottom line here is that if you can afford to eat out, then you can afford to tip.

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