A Quantas flight was on its way from Australia to Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea yesterday (1/10) when, about 10 minutes into the flight, a passenger on the plane spotted a snake slithering on the wing. The passenger said that she saw a head pop out from the engine and it turned out to be a 10-foot scrub python.

The snake was hanging on for dear life, frantically trying to make its way inside the wing while the rear half of its body violently flapped against the airplane in the wind.

Unlike the Samuel L. Jackson movie, the only death involved was that of the snake; which amazingly, did manage to hang on until the plane landed.  But sadly, it couldn't survive the cold temperature and the wind and died shortly after landing.

No word on how exactly the snake ended up on the airplane, but it is believed to have climbed up through the landing gear then made its way into the left wing flap assembly.

Watch video footage of the large snake on the wing of an airplane: