Late last night while I am watching Sports center breaking news comes up about a Dwight Howard trade and I am crossing my fingers that Dallas is involved.

Unfortunately it did not work out that way and Dwight Howard is now a Los Angeles Laker. The trade has four teams involved besides the Lakers and the Magic. The trade also involves the 76ers and the Nuggets sending players from all the teams around the NBA.

The most important news is that the Mavericks missed out and there was a slim chance the Mavericks would get him anyway.

Their is now a rumor that Dwight could leave the Lakers after this year and become a free agent and possibly come to Dallas. If the Lakers win this year I do not see him leaving. Especially with the acquisition of Steve Nash and never count out Kobe Bryant on winning a championship.

So if your a Mavericks fan like me root against the Lakers for a small chance at Dwight Howard but most Mavericks fans already do that so I am not asking for much.