Miley Cyrus turned more than a few heads with her performance at the VMAs this past Sunday, but one song is giving the perfect response to what we saw. Jon Lajoie has put everything into perspective by pointing out that Miley gave us exactly what we ask for from pop stars. We ask for it, but when we get it we’re suddenly shell-shocked.

While many of us looked on in disbelief, there’s a part of me that says it was a genius move. Nobody is talking about Lady Gaga in a thong or Kanye West’s performance. Instead, we’re all focused on the former Ms. Montana and how desperate she looked taking off her clothes and twerking for millions. Even my mother started a phone conversation the other day by saying, “So Miley Cyrus…”

I wasn’t aware that my mom even knows who Miley Cyrus is.

While the VMA performance was over-the-top, it got people talking. It brought attention to the show. Next year as we approach this time of year, this will come up again in conversation. People will wonder how the next awards spectacular can be topped. And by that time we’ll have other scandals to talk about like someone peeing in a bucket.