In preparation for Mother's Day next month, did their annual calculation of how much the average mom should be paid.

The average stay-at-home mom puts in a 94.7-hour work week, two hours LESS than they worked last year.  Based on the national market value for the work she does, someone owes her a $112,962 annual salary.  That's 2% lower than last year.

Working moms got a raise this year.  They spend 57.9 hours working as a mom after getting home from their day job.  That would work out to a $66,979 salary and is 5% higher than last year for two hours of more work.

But what about locally here in Wichita Falls?  How much are our stay at home and working mothers worth? Based on a household with two preschool aged children - if paid, the typical Stay at Home Mom in Wichita Falls, TX would earn the pay shown below for her work as a mother:


And here is what a working mom in Wichita Falls, TX with two pre-school aged kids would earn for her work as a mother:

Here's a calculator where you can find out how much the mom in your life is worth. You can even print out a 'Mom Paycheck' based on how you personalize the calculator.