The film "The Girl Next Door" has become a reality.

18-year-old Michigan high school Senior Mike Stone sent out over 600 Twitter posts to adult film stars, actresses, and female professional wrestlers looking for one to be his date for his Senior Prom.  19-year-old adult film actress Megan Piper agreed to the date if Stone would pay for her transportation from California to Michigan.  Though Stone didn't have the funds readily available, he started a campaign to raise the money and was well on his way to raising the necessary money when his school stepped in and banned the couple from the prom.

In an official statement from Tartan High, the school administrators said that Piper's presence at the prom,

"would be prohibited under Tartan's standard prom procedures and would be inconsistent with two school district policies."

The policies in question deal with keeping the school safe from disruptive elements.  However, not everyone believes Stone and Piper would be a "disruptive element", including Stone's mother Diven, saying the school wouldn't have a problem if her son brought a mainstream celebrity,

"it's not like they're going to have sex there or make a movie. I bet if his date were someone like Mariah Carey, though, they would have paid to fly her here."

Piper told KSTP news that she's looking forward to the prom because she never went to hers,

"I never went to prom. I don't plan to show up butt naked or anything. I'm going to wear a pretty prom dress!"

Now that Stone and Piper have been told they cannot attend Stone's prom together, they are starting a Twitter campaign to try to convince someone to host a rival prom in the same town that Stone and Piper could go to.

Is the school right that Piper's presence would be disruptive, or are they just looking for a way to keep someone associated with porn away from their school?