Rolando McClain is a former first round draft pick for the Oakland Raiders. He got arrested in Tennessee for a simple ticket and then he took things to a whole new level.

Rolando McClain was driving around Decatur, Tennessee with dark tinted windows. Local police saw this and pulled him over. McClain received his ticket that he had to sign for with his signature. McClain then signed F*** Ya'll for his signature.

When the officer asked McClain to sign his real name, the linebacker replied, "That is my name,” police spokesman Lt. John Crouch told the Decatur Daily. This came after, according to the police information officer, McClain was asked for driver's license and proof of insurance and replied, “You know who I am.”

And that's how McClain turned a violation on tinted windows into a trip to Decatur City Jail. He was charged with giving a false name and the window tint violation, and released on $1,000 cash bail, the paper said. He could have avoided the arrest by signing the ticket, the Decatur Police told the paper.