If you're looking for some new kind of excitement in Wichita Falls, Roller Derby would be hard to top. I'll be honest and say that I've never been to a "bout" in person, but have done my fair share of YouTube Research. We have a couple of local Roller Derby teams that have just sprouted up over the last year, so we can now experience the excitement of Roller Derby right here in our area. The Wichita Falls Derby Dames have a "bout" or competition quickly approaching on May 12th, but you can meet the team and help support Derby in the falls this weekend with their benefit car wash. The car wash is slated for April, 21st at the Taco Bell on Southwest Parkway. The dames will start washing around 10:00am and stay throughout the afternoon. The wash is donation only, and will be a great chance to both get your car cleaned and learn more about Roller Derby in Wichita Falls.

For More Information Listen to my Interview with a couple of the dames here:

If you're new to Roller Derby, here's a clip of what a typical bout might be like: