Wichita Falls has certainly had its famous moments from time to time. Some great, some tragic, some funny and some that leave us scratching our heads.

We have a $100,000 Sugarman Crepe myrtle sculpture in a downtown park, the source of much head scratching and cussing.  We’ve suffered an F4 and F5 tornado in the last 75 years (in 1964 and 1979, respectively).  We’re home to several notable people such as Eddie Hill and the late Lloyd Ruby. This is the place where a little jewelry company called Zale’s began.

And it turns out we’re a pretty economical place to call home too.

Kiplinger.com published the “10 Cheapest US Cities to Live In” last year and lo and behold Wichita Falls made the list!

With a cost of living nearly 14 percent below the national average, median household income of $42,559 and an average home price of $90,500, Wichita Falls landed in the number six spot.

Home price has to be one of most attractive features. Compared to some parts of the nation, the Wichita Falls market never really got out of control where prices are concerned. And it is a pretty good place to raise a family, with a relatively low crime rate and plenty of schools to choose from.

Here's the full list of the 10 Cheapest Cities to Live in:

10. Idaho Falls, Idaho
9. Conway, Arkansas
8. Springfield, Illinois
7. Pueblo, Colorado
6. Wichita Falls, Texas
5. Fayettville, Arkansas
4. Memphis, Tennessee
3. Norman, Oklahoma
2. McAllen, Texas
1. Harlingen, Texas

Wichita Falls Makes List of Best Recreational Havens