If videos of sneezing pandas and cute kittens don't warm your heart this story will do the trick. An elderly couple out of  Iowa passed away holding hands after 72 years of marriage. You can read the full article here where the Yeagar family reflects on the passing of Gordon age 94 and Norma age 91. The couple Married in 1939 the day of Norma's high school graduation.  This couples heartwarming story also comes with advice on marriage Gorman Yeager always said he would be lost without his wife and the two were rarely separated.

The couple were put in a casket together holding hands for their funeral this week, but are being cremated and will have their ashes mixed before burial.

"All their life has been together," Sheets said. "So, when it came to the funeral home, the family asked, 'Can we have them put in the casket together holding hands?' Because that's the way their life was."

It's like the real life Notebook. awww