Visitors to Lucy Park have uncovered a wonderful and fun-filled set of life-sized Tyrannosaurus Rex bones ready for children of all ages to explore and enjoy. The “bones” are actually fiber-cement casts produced by Playworld Systems of Dallas. City of Wichita Falls Parks crews began installing the three sections of bones and single hatched T-Rex egg on Monday.

The installation was no small task. The head weighs one ton, the body 2800 pounds, tail 2300 pounds and the egg comes in right at 1800 pounds. Crews removed an old piece of playground equipment that has been in the park for over 25 years and deemed unsafe for use to make room for the T-Rex. There is no name for the large reptile; however, City crews consider this to be a female since there is a hatched egg included with the set of bones.

The T-Rex was purchased with funds the City receives from the Junior League each year following FallsFest. The installation is located in the Lucy Land play area.

For more information please contact the City of Wichita Falls Public Information Office at 761-7401.