Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert Leaves Record Label
Adam Lambert is walking away from his deal with 19 Records. But don't worry -- though his style and attitude are fierce, his relationship with the label is perfectly friendly, and he's still got another deal.
Watch Adam Lambert’s Cameo on ‘Pretty Little Liars’
Adam Lambert had a cameo on 'Pretty Little Liars' where he performed and acted. So it was a two-fer, sorta like Bruno Mars on 'SNL' last week, but not really. It was the Halloween-themed episode, so he was dressed in a ruffled ascot and his teeth were sharpened into fangs, Dracul…
Adam Lambert Goes Blond
Adam Lambert is known for his spiky, inky black locks. They are his signature, along with his thick eyeliner. The glammy and infinitely stylish ‘Better Than I Know Myself’ singer has gone rogue and to the complete opposite end of the style spectrum, bleaching his hair platinum …

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