Man Kicks Wichita Falls Officer in the Nuts During Arrest
Low blow sir.
Last Wednesday, Wichita Falls police were sent to the Wayfarer Motel for a welfare check. A man was reportedly sitting outside of his room crying and police were called to make sure everything was OK. Officers attempted to talk to the man, but he would not respond to their question…
OneRepublic Drummer Arrested
OneRepublic drummer Edward Ray Fisher had a bad day, it seems. The skinsman was arrested in Denver, Colo. this morning (May 15), with cops claiming he flipped out and went into a destructive rage, according to TMZ. A destructive rage? Yikes.
The Easter Bunny Was Arrested For Drug Possession
If you noticed something about your Easter seemed off yesterday, here it is.  The Easter Bunny was arrested for drugs! Oh nos!!  Well . . . as far as we know, it wasn't the actual Easter Bunny.  It was 24-year-old Joshua Lee Bolling of Danville, Virginia . . . who dresses up as…
George Clooney Arrested At Sudan Protest [VIDEO]
Today, Academy Award winning actor George Clooney was arrested outside the Sudanese embassy in Washington, protesting the country's treatment of its people and the blockage of food and assistance from entering the Nuba Mountains.  Among the group arrested with Clooney was his father N…

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