4 Halloween Tips For Pet Safety
The day of terror has arrived! I think that there are really two days that drive our pets insane. 4th of July with the fireworks and Halloween with all the random and loud strangers. Here are four Halloween tips for pet safety.
Top 5 Foods To Eat To Improve Your Mood
Maybe you are feeling a little down in the dumps today because we are still a few days away from the weekend. Let me help you feel better with a grocery list of the top 5 foods to eat to improve your mood.
Scientist Prove That Eating Chocolate Makes You Skinnier!
Every once in a while, a study comes along that's so important, it changes you!  Like this one.  Which is going to make you run out of your office, get in your car, pull into the next 7-Eleven you pass to buy the king size Snickers bar you've been denying yourself for years.