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Daniel Craig Slams The Kardashians In “GQ” Magazine
For the most part, Daniel Craig is a celebrity that keeps his off-camera life very private.  Craig was able to marry his girlfriend Rachel Weisz in a secret ceremony without tipping off any paparatzi, something the Kardashians would probably never have thought to do...
New James Bond Movie Plot and Title Revealed?
In a recent interview, Serbian cellist Jelena Mihailovic has confirmed she has been hired to compose and perform the theme song for the upcoming James Bond film, which she also claims might be titled "Carte Blanche".
Little Meg’s Review of ‘Cowboys & Aliens’
Wow! I just almost pulled an all-nighter! Caught the midnight showing of "Cowboys & Aliens" and boy what a wild, wild west ride!  I have to admit, when I first saw the preview months ago, I thought it looked ridiculous and stupid. I like Sci-Fi and really enjoyed Firefly, which I drew …
Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz Marry
James Bond has found a new (and hopefully not replaceable) Bond girl in "Mummy" star Rachel Weisz.  The pair married in secret last Wednesday in New York.  In attendance were Craig's daughter, Weisz's son, and two friends of the couple.