Dark Knight Rises

No More Batman For Christian Bale [VIDEO]
While promoting his new film "The Flowers of War", Oscar winner Christian Bale confirmed that his is all done playing Batman,
"I wrapped a few days ago so that will be the last time I'm taking that cowl off. ... I believe that the whole production wrapped yesterday, so…
“The Dark Knight Rises” Began Filming Last Week
With this being one of the most anticipated films for me, you'd think I would have reported it when it actually happened.  But "The Dark Knight Rises", the third (and probably FINAL) Batman movie by Christopher Nolan, began principle filming this past week.
Anne Hathaway Is The New Catwoman
Last week, it was reported that Kiera Knightly, Jessica Biel and Anne Hathaway were all in contention for the then-undisclosed female lead in "The Dark Knight Rises."