Help a Local Texoma Child with Type 1 Diabetes
This is Blake.  He is a local Texoma kid from Henrietta and he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes on August 15, 2012 just before starting kindergarten. Blake and his family are in need of a diabetic alert dog to monitor his blood sugar.
‘Diabetes Tattoos’ Being Designed To Check Glucose Levels
Even in 2012, having tattoos still carries a stigma.  Many employers will immediate disqualify a job candidate if they tattoos that are visable outside regular clothing, no matter what the tattoo depicts.  If you've ever been one of those that missed out on something because of your l…
SHOCKER! Paula Deen To Reveal She Has Diabetes
Paula Deen, the Georgia born queen on high-calorie cooking, is expected to come clean that the rumors are true and she has type-2 diabetes, usually associated with fatty foods and obesity.
Deen has reportedly been trying to keep her condition secret, even though the National Enquirer ran a story reve…