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Making Movie History – A Look Back At 1999
So far this year we've covered films that are 30-years-old, 25-years-old, and 20-years-old, and with the end of the year quickly approaching its time to look at the films that finished out the 20th century and came out in 1999, celebrating their 15th anniversary.
“Skyfall” Director Sam Mendes Might Return For Bond 24
To say that Sam Mendes' run in the James Bond director's chair was a success is a major understatement.  2012's "Skyfall" ended up making over $1.1 Billion world-wide and is now the 8th highest grossing film of all time and the most successful Bond film in the f…
Actors Who Almost Got The Big Role
Do you ever sit back and wonder how an iconic movie role would have played out had another actor played the role?  Jim Carrey was almost Capt. Jack Sparrow and Will Smith was almost Neo.  Actors missing out on major movie roles for various reasons is nothing new, and here's some of th…

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