Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Claims He’s Being Framed
Rather than own up to his reckless behavior and choosing to be accountable for his allegedly irresponsible actions, Justin Bieber is now claiming that he is being framed in relation to two separate incidents with criminal charges pending.
Justin Bieber to Party Guests: ‘I’ll Sue’
Ain't no party like Justin Bieber party 'cause a Justin Bieber party has non-disclosure agreements! Yes, you read that correctly. If you're planning to party with The Biebs then you better lawyer up because Justin and his legal team are not messing around.
Matthew McConaughey Gives Advice to a Shirtless Justin Bieber
Matthew McConaughey has taken his shirt off a time or two for the camera, and I won't complain about it one bit. Someone who has been getting some complaints, however, is a shirtless Justin Bieber. He seems to be showing up in photos quite often sans shirt, and while many of his fans couldn&apo…
Justin Bieber Tour Bus Busted for Pot in Sweden
Oh, Justin Bieber. Just when he seemed to be shaping up and behaving a bit better -- even potentially winning Selena Gomez over one more time -- he's in trouble again.
The 'Baby' singer's tour bus was busted for pot in Sweden. What happened?

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