Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Vamps Up the 2013 MTV VMAs [PHOTOS]
Lady Gaga kept things simply, yet sexy, at the 2013 MTV VMAs. Mother Monster walked the red carpet in a long, black gown that showed serious cleavage.
Compared to previous VMAs, Gaga's ensemble was relatively normal. No egg this year, guys!
A glittery bow around Gaga's waist added some textu…
Lady Gaga ‘Devastated’ by Bradley/Chelsea Manning Ruling
When Bradley Manning was sentenced to 35 years for espionage, theft and fraud, the world was abuzz with terror (what else don't we know?) and dread (what else can we get into trouble for?).
When Bradley Manning came out as a transgender woman named Chelsea Manning, the world was abuzz with shock…
Lady Gaga Wears Four Outfits in NYC [PHOTOS]
Lady Gaga managed to don four outfits -- FOUR! -- during her promo tour in NYC yesterday (Aug. 19). We doubt it was a matter of not being able to decide what to wear so she wore everything! This was a deliberate and carefully planned execution of fashion that only she could pull off.
Lady Gaga Releases ‘Applause’ Single Early [AUDIO]
Lady Gaga is not about to be one-upped by Katy Perry. The two pop stars were both victims of hackers and leakers who released their highly anticipated music to the masses early, so Gaga responded to the hype by sharing her song in full on her own to her beloved Little Monsters -- who were trying to …

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