Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Is No Longer the Most Followed Tweeter
Lady Gaga has been dethroned as the most followed person on Twitter, losing her top spot Monday night, which she has held since 2010, to none other than Justin Bieber. But how many followers does it take to be number one? Well Bieber has a total of 33,337,997 Beliebers following his every tweet whil…
Lady Gaga Gets ‘Rio’ Tattoo on Her Head
Fans usually ask their favorite artists for their autograph. Some go as far as asking for the signature to be placed on their skin, so they can have it tattooed and it'll last forever. Lady Gaga flipped the script on that concept when she got a tattoo to commemorate her time in Rio.
Lady Gaga Smokes Pot on Stage in Amsterdam
When in Amsterdam, do as the Dutch!
Lady Gaga performed in Amsterdam on Monday (Sept. 17) and she was happy to partake in a little pot smoking action, since the area is the cannabis capital of the world and is perhaps best known for its legal policy on marijuana. So naturally, Gaga smoked a big ol&ap…
Lady Gaga Pees in Pail at Fame Perfume Launch
Lady Gaga launched her Fame fragrance in New York City at the Guggenheim last night (Sept. 13) with a live stream of the event and the corresponding film. This all equated to one of the weirdest things we've ever witnessed in Gagaville.
Will Lady Gaga Put Lindsay Lohan in an ‘ARTPOP’ Video?
Lady Gaga has been paling around with disgraced actress Lindsay Lohan, who has been reduced to appearing in Lifetime TV movies after her career plummeted. Gaga and La Lohan even had a sleepover at a Hollywood hangout last month. Now, rumors abound that the ladies’ personal friendship will escalate i…

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