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Making Music History – 1984 in Music
We've spent so much time looking at the films that helped define a decade and are celebrating their 30th anniversary this year, but since we are a radio station, maybe its a good idea to look at the music that turned 30 this year too.
Conrad Murray Calls “Anderson Cooper 360″ and Things Get Weird
Conrad Murray, the doctor responsible for the death of Michael Jackson, is making headlines again and this time its for his singing talents. Murray is spending four years in prison for killing MJ and a couple days ago, he called into Anderson Cooper 360 to break his silence on why he didn't testify …
Nine Year Old Suspended Over Michael Jackson Dance Moves
Nine year old Lenny Boberg has been suspended from school indefinitely in Winona, Minnesota after being just a little too authentic with his Micheal Jackson dance moves during a school fundraiser. I'm actually really impressed with little Lenny's M...

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