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Watch Nicki Minaj’s New Pepsi Commercial
Nicki Minaj goes pop indeed — soda pop, that is — in her new Pepsi ad.
The clip, set to a remix of Minaj’s hit ‘Moment for Life,’ opens with a cute brunette couple popping open some cans of — what else? — Pepsi. The song choice was a delib…
Nicki Minaj Wants to Collaborate With Adele
Outside of her Young Money family, Nicki Minaj has worked with some of the biggest names in music including David Guetta, Rick Ross and Madonna. However, there’s one major superstar that Harajuku Barbie would love to collaborate with — pop songbird Adele.
Is Nicki Minaj Retiring?
Sounds like Nicki Minaj has had enough of the haters. In a new interview, she dishes on how she may never return to Twitter — and what may drive her to “leave the game” for good. Say it ain’t so!

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