What Every Pet Parent Needs To Know [VIDEO]
If you're a dog lover, better grab a box of tissues. In this footage, a man gives CPR to a beautiful boxer named Sugar.
It's a harrowing scenario, but the dog pulls through thanks to the quick-thinking dog trainer who performed the resuscitation.
Pet Parties On The Rise!
I wish I had the money to spend on a lavish party for my pet. $500 for party snacks for Fido? No problem! It seems like a frivolous expense to me. Either way, dog parties are on the rise, with some businesses even catering to these events. How far will some go to please their pooch?
How Much Should You Budget For Your Pet
As Willie & George's mom, I'm always getting sucked into stories about all things pets.  I've been noticing some slight changes with my eldest and am preparing to spend whatever I can for as long as it takes.