The Olympics

Top 10 Moments From the Olympics Opening Ceremony
Last night’s Olympics kicked off with a spectacular mix of pop and pageantry under the artistic direction of Oscar-winning filmmaker Danny Boyle. From an American perspective, the opening ceremony in London seemed comprised of the best partsof an Oscar telecast, a Macy’s parade and a Super Bowl half…
10 Unforgettable Moments from the Olympics
The Summer Olympics begin this weekend in London. For more than a century, the modern Olympic games have provided a global stage for athletes to deliver unforgettable moments of competition, courage and compassion.
Michael Phelps Has Already Won 1 Gold Medal in London
Michael Phelps has done it again! Gold in London! However, this time it's not so great. The official Olympics website now has almost all of the Olympic athletes' official ID badge photos online, and unfortunately, Michael brings home the gold for having the WORST photo ever.
Check it out o…